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Hello and welcome to Crown SoLor's erotic short stories. I call this "thoughts of my alter ego". Open your mind and enter a place of erotica and sensual pleasure. If you have an idea you would like me to write about, please contact me and I will make your idea a story.

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1. Creamy Coconut Connection

While sitting on the balcony on a humid Costa Rica evening, I enjoyed a cigarette to ease my excitement of the upcoming day. I saw you. Chopping a palm tree filled with sweet nectar. My room was first floor and I was watching your manly arms swing your machete. You caught me watching and offered me a coconut. I shake my head. You walked over to hand me the fruit. You saw me struggling and offered to service me. You tilted my head back and watch as juices overflowed out of my mouth and on my chest. You caught it with my your tongue with the strongest stroke. I immediately became aroused.


With the language barrier and my instant arrousal, I gestured you climb over my balcony and in my garden suite. Without hesitation, you striped off my bottoms and laid me one my nicely made king size bed. You tucked one of the hotel pillows under my butt.

My mind and body was so distracted, I didn’t noticed it brought in my freshly cut coconut. You slowly dripped the remaining juices on my body. Catching every drop before it hit the comforter below me. But there was 1 stream, a nasty stream that led to my pussy wrapping itself around my clit. You lowered your mouth to catch both juices: from the coconut and from my vagina. The combination of the 2 juices made the room smell like Pina Colada, Your strokes were so strong yet soft that I arched my back and gripped the covers to get a better angle. Minutes passed but it seem like hours, I could feel it. My body tensing up adn tickling. 


Here it comes!! I clinched my legs and rotated my hips to the motion of your tongue while holding your head in place. That moment. My moment was EXPLOSIVE.The echoes of my screams rattled the patio door. Expecting more, you simply said Gracias Mi Amor, kiss my hand, and left. Now every time I see a coconut I think about My Creamy Coconut Connection.

2. In Flight Movie

It’s been a long day and all I wanted to do is get home and unwind. I’ve done these business trips more often due to the new conversion. More air time equal less bed time. Papa Bear was picking me up from the airport so I prepared myself. No panties and my freak um dress. We won’t make it pass the sign the says “Airport Exit”. The flight was between 3 hours and  close to full. My choice was a window seat. While getting my Pre "take off routine" together, a green eyes dread head brown man said in the softest voice “Aloha, I’m in the middle”. So taken by his "fine-ness" my voice was stuck. I think he got the point cause he just took his seat. 


“I’m so sorry. My mind been so gone” I laughed. “Let me move my stuff out your seat.”


“It’s ok. You look like your were deep into thought. Penny for your thoughts?” he asked sincerely. “Long month even longer days” was the lie I told. I really wanted to say “Bruh Do you know how fine you are. Your juicy lips stopped your words before leaving your month and into my ears. Your dick imprint through your charcoal sweatpants was the size of my forearm.  Your bulging biceps hugs your hugging you perfectly. And eyes. Would make a blind chick say I gotta see. 


“I hear you.” he replied. “Are you heading to Arizona for vacation or home?”

“It’s home.” I answered.


After about an hour of talk and laughing over high priced drinks, I had to pee. I came back to find a different expression on his face. More pleased and seductive. Very Concerned by the change I asked what was going on. He leaned to me and said “I saw and smell your pussy as you walked by.” Oh Shit I totally forgot that. SO embarrassed I turn red, “I’m sorry.”



“Don’t be honey. I felt more embarrassed about the thoughts I was having while you were gone.” 

My interest peaked, “What thoughts?”

“WwwwwweeeeeellllllI was thinking how your pussy would feel around my dick and how it you would taste between my lips.” He ended with a laugh and gulping the last bit on his drink. 

Well damn. That wasn’t the answer I expected but I start to wonder the same thing. “Wanna feel?”

“May I?” I answered his question by guiding his hand under my dress. It’s like he explored my body before. He knew every soft, wet G spot to hit. I let out an aroused sigh. The flicks and ticks had my body feeling above these clouds. 

“Let me record you. I don’t wanna forget this moment.”

A soft yea parted my lips. I sat and enjoy the flight that was within my body while clinching his big arms. At one point, I was nibbling on his shoulder to refrain my screams from circulating. My mind was going 985 MPH. I might as well been on the wing of the plane. I opened up my eyes long enough to see the flight attendant five rows away. Oh Shit! We are going to get caught. But he knew exactly what to do.


With several strong flicks, my overwhelming orgasms releases in enough time for the flight attendant to say “Any trash?” 


“No, but could we get 2 waters and umm napkins?”


We laughed in unison. The last bit of our flight was watching our homemade In Flight Movie.

3. Game Time

My Love stays Half a country away. So I get excited about our home and away games cause it’s the chance for us to tackle and gain more yards. This game is away for me. My anxiousness takes the best of me everytime. Will I perform correctly? What game plan will I use to conquer the win? Draw my Xs and Os on a text messaging board helps me to create my defense and reviewing the previous games helped to analyze my Loves weakness. Ready to Get into my zone, I packed my bags with all the equipment I need in order to proper protect myself from any bodily harm. The flight was smooth but who really could pay attention to the ride with voice of Jill Scott in my Beats. I landed and checked in at the Mi amor Stadium. I see her look from afar and that tells me it’s game time. I got in the locker room putting on all my protective gear and reevaluate my strategies. I decided to go with the passing play cause it allows me to go deep fast and will exhausted my love quicker. Stepping on the field I could see taste and smell that she is ready. The look in her brown eyes let me know that this is going to be a great game. 


Kickoff Time!


We are going from head to toe. She is getting every downs while going down and  i did a pass interfere with a lick on her inner thigh. But I knew it would take more than this to win the game. A few turn over felt good to see her on de-fense. She fumbled a few times when I catch her legs on my shoulders. Which allowed me to come within 4 yards to touchdown. No passing interference this time. I’m going run the play. Pulling back And release forward. Her body is unaware of my gameplay so she slipped her nut pass my de-fense and accepted defeat. My 3 Touchdowns to her 1 makes me feel amazing. We recorded the game so later we can have awesome playbacks talk. 


I smacked her ass as a great well job as I prepared for traveling back home.


But this is not the end. There is always Home games.

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