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Sophia L. Ellis is the published author of “Through the Eyes of Tre"children book  series and "Behind the Ranks. Vol 1". She holds a Master of Business Administration in Project Management. She is the founder of Youth With Ambition, LLC, a nonprofit youth organization that focuses on youths’ natural  skills and talents. She also have a patented trademark, 1GM, and founder/president of a non-collegiate sorority, Iota  Lambda Mu Sorority, Inc, located in Central Texas with the passion of sisterhood, community service and family.  She lives in Killeen, TX and serves in the United States Army Reserves.

My goals are to be one of the women in dominate the film industry while promoting social awareness and community growth.

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Tre series


Tre is an adventurous, ambitious children's book that builds resilency and positivity. Zyaire Eli Alexander, nicknamed Tre, is an African-American boy who dreams big. He dreams about being a chef, painter, police officer, judge and even a farmer. The possibilities of what he can do are endless. His resilience and creativity will inspire young readers to make most of the situations they find themselves in, even if things do not go as planned.


3rd book of the Tre series, "Tre: The Medical Guru" is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. In this series, Tre is a Doctor and Dentist. You can order from Amazon or order from my website and get a signed copy (www.paypal.me/sophialellis/15)

2nd book in the Tre series, "Tre: The Creative Extraordinaire" is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. In this book, Tre dreams about being a Chef and Painter. 


Copies of the book at a lower rate through the author herself.

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Behind the Ranks Vol 1


A combination of heartfelt stories, soul-baring admissions, and valuable advice, Behind the Rank, Volume 1 is a collection of powerful voices, calling out to every woman Veteran and service member. Each having faced the pressures of being a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend, all while serving their country, Lila Holley and twenty-nine women come together to impart knowledge, guidance, and compassion to support the women leaders who are now serving behind them.


These stories will encourage all of you to face your struggles in the military head on, to cease suppressing your presence in this “man’s world,” to stand proudly in the service you have chosen, and to celebrate your womanhood. Despite the intimidation, oppression, and harassment you may face throughout your military career, you will overcome because of the qualities you possess—the ones that led you to serve honorably in the first place.




Alexa has always battled her feelings with the opposite sex. She always do what her family wanted her to do - Engineering degree, HBCU (Historically Black College University), and even her engagement to her boyfriend of 5 years, Malik. But something has always been missing. A void in her heart that's never been filled. Until she met, Catalaya, a new intern that transferred from Seattle. Catalaya is a Puerto Rican mixed 30 year old woman who was very open about her sexuality. From day one, Catalaya and Alexa always had a unique connection. They were inseparable. Alexa does not want to be disloyal to her boyfriend but the chemistry between her and Catalaya is indescribable. What's a girl to do? Over the next few months, Alexa can't seem to shake her feelings towards Catalaya so they agreed to start an "informal" relationship. Alexa loves every moment of it and totally forgets about her upcoming wedding with Malik. Stuck between what her heart wants to do and what society tells her to do, Alexa has a tough decision to make. Whose heart will be broken? Will Alexa's King be Malik or Catalaya?

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Available for children's, women, and business events, booking signings, motivational and inspiration gatherings and many more. 


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